How to submit your data


Please submit your data by sending an email with your data files to us. We have prepared data submission templates to make the data submission as easy as possible, or you can send your original data files. To successfully import the dataset into MEMENTO, your data should contain the following parameters:

Oceanic data

  • date & time of the sampling (mandatory)
  • position of the sampling (mandatory)
  • sampling depth (mandatory)
  • in-situ temperature and salinity (mandatory)
  • nutrient and oxygen data (if available)
  • WOCE Flags for measured parameters (if available)
  • atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, absolute wind speed (if available and not provided in the atmospheric data spreadsheet)

Atmospheric data (if available)

  • date & time of the sampling (mandatory)
  • position of the sampling (mandatory)
  • sampling height (mandatory)
  • sampling period (if available)
  • atmospheric pressure (if available)
  • absolute wind speed (if available)
  • relative humidity (if available)
  • air temperature (if available)

Additionally, please include some metainformation on the expedition and ship name, and the contact person for this dataset. Please also include related citations, if the data have already been published or uploaded to another database, and relevant information on the sampling and measurement techniques.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.